They never understood me

My family thinks im on drugs…they notice something is wrong but they have no idea whats really going on in my head…they wont understand me

Watch "Golden Gate Bridge Jumpers" on YouTube

U remember one of my 11 grade teachers showed me this to and would sit and talk to me about my depression,she got me into poetry and mellowed me out at the time

Id rather die than start over Again

Pop pills and wash it down with tequila

The Wikipedia page for the golden gate is really good

To the point where i havent ate since before the gym yesterday and i dont have a appetite

If you love it fight for it no matter what


To have people actually not like you because your black and ignoring the fact that you stay out of trouble,got your head on straight,trying to finish school,and respectful is Fucking dumb and this has happened to me twice already, both Asian and is the only races ive experienced with this, like idk why you look down on me this isnt the 70’s or 80’s where every races keeps to themselves, and in Vallejo one of the most diverse city’s i still get to taste racism first hand…. Because my family means more to me than anything else is what she told me